Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phrasal verbs

The most common phrasal verbs from Barron's book preparation for TOEFL IBT.

bring about - cause
carry on - transact; continue
carry out - complete; accomplish
clear up - clarify
come about - happen
come across - find
come by - find accidentally
come into - heredar, corresponder
come out with - publish; produce
come through - superar
come up with - create
come under - sufrir, pertenecer
cut down on - reduce
fall through - fail
figure out - understand
find out - discover
get along - quedar bien, andar
give off - emit
go after - follow
go back - return
go before - precede
go down - decrease
go on - continue; happen
go over - review
go through - experience; penetrate
go up - increase
got into - meterse, ingresar
keep on - continue
keep up - remain current
leave out - exclude; omit
look for - seek
look into - investigate
look like - resemble
look over - examine
look up - locate information
look up to - respect
make out - understant with difficulty
make up - invent; compose
pick out - select
put in - dedicar
put off - posponer
put out - apagar, extender, extinguir
put up - poner, colgar, colocar, resignarse
take down - bajar
take on - asumir, tomar, aceptar, realizar
take over - asumir, encargarse, tomar el control
take out - sacar, extraer, invitar

Y estos que parecen no ser phrasal verbs:
got around - encontrado el momento
through out - durante todo
took down -

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