Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Expresiones en inglés

Hoy estaba tirando muchas cosas en mi habitación y me trauma sobre manera todas las cosas que escribo y de las que muchas no me acuerdo. Por ejemplo encontré una hojas con anotaciones de algunas clases de inglés y tengo la loca idea que si las escribo en el blog me voy a acordar de ellas más porque las voy a revisar de vez en vez.

Anna Patchett

Anna Patchett is an accomplished novelist. Earlier this year her fourth novel, Bel Canto, was awarded the prestigious Orange prize and this has transformed her into something of a celebrity. Bel Canto has done so well and has won all sort of prizes abd has wound up on all sorts of bestseller list. I called her at her home in Nashville and asked her whether she had known all along that her success will happen in the way is going. I rolled the dice and for some reason my number came up this time.

all along. desde siempre
I was rolling along. Yo iba tirando hacia adelante
rolled the dice. tiré el dado
stumbled into. tropezar con "Who is this person, whose life have I stumbled into?"

The ant and the grasshopper

This was a very peculiar article because against the usual history of the ant and the grasshopper showed a totally different concept about that the work compensates. The history was about two brothers, one of them were hard worker and the other was very lazy. The lazy was a charming and unscrupulous person, and it was difficult to refuse him a loan. The worker ended sick for all the effort he has made to be a good worker, but the lazy married an old lady with a lot of money. I hated this stupid history...

I was made to learn by heart. Me hicieron aprender de memoria.
devised to bring home. pensado para hacer entender.
industry is rewarded and giddliness punished. La diligencia es recompensada y la dejadez castigada.
saving your presence. con todo respeto
Why don't you chuck him? ¿Porqué no te lo sacas de encima?
qualm. escrúpulo
convicted. condenado
gaol. cárcel
scoundrel. canalla, sinverguenza
rogue. granuja
his clenched fist. su puño cerrado
wrathful. colérico
sore trial. auténtico problema
blackmail. chantajear

We don't need no education

In standard English (often called Queen's English or Received Pronounciation), we only use a double negative for a positive meaning.

Don't just say nothing. Please say something.

ain't. The convenient negative of the whole present tense of "am" and "have".
I ain't got any cigarettes. I haven't got any cigarettes.

This dog's life - What is behind life's dog?

This was an article of a person that takes care of a puppy dog like a baby, and all people ask her if she wish to have a human baby. She denies the idea of wishing to have a baby. She points out in the article that she recognizes the difference between a human and a dog. She likes to have a pet, and she doesn't like to have a baby. She supports her ideas saying that a baby can't be all day alone in house like a dog and that a baby is not furry like a dog.

winshield. parabrisas
a mere slip of a puppy. sólo un cahorrito
dump. abandonar
to look cute. ponerse guapo
sleek. lustroso
besotted. enamoradisimo
tuck. meter
shepherd. pastor alemán
bounding mutts. chucho saltando
sturdy. robusto
cuddles. abrazos
vet bill. factura del veterinario
bond. establecer lazos afectivos
I have never peered longinly. nunca he mirado con anhelo
stroller. cochecito
to bend down to rub the ears. agacharse para acariciar las orejas
dangle. colgarse
shimmy under covers. meterse debajo de la colcha
bewilder. desconcentrado
sharp tug. tirón fuerte
to yank her off. sacarlo bruscamente

Más palabras y expresiones:

garret. altillo, desván
pay-off. recompensa
wind up. acabar en
mulling over. reflexionar
appalling. horrible; I mean it's absolutely appalling, disgusting behavior.
revenue stream. fuente de ingresos.
mow. cortar el césped; mow down. segar, acribillar.
over exert. hacer un esfuerzo excesivo.
over taken. adelantar, rebasar. Over taken by fear. sobre cogido por el miedo. overtaken by events. sobrecogidos por los acontecimientos.
rafting. descender de un río en balsa.
rattlesnake. serpiente de cascabel
rumble. ruido sordo, estruendo, ruido de tripas; hacer un ruido sordo, sonar las tripas, retumbar, calar
soppy. sensiblero, sentimentaloide
touchy. sentimental, emotivo
sow. sembrar
sprain. torcedura, torcerse, hacerse un esguince
quest. búsqueda
they ought to know better. deberían haberlo sabido
pungent. mordaz
maroon. abandonar
make up. inventar
higuest order. primer orden
high flown. exagerado; the language becomes very arcaic and high flown.
follow up. seguir
intimation. indicación; the first intimation that the population is growing is the number of houses.
to lure. atraer
staggering. altismo
Mac. manera coloquial de dirigirse a otra persona, jefe, colega.
unsettling. inquietante, perturbador.
wobbly. que se tambalea

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