Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fate or not fate?

The script is an excerpt from one chapter of Naruto serie's and it shows a part of my doubts about life. Do we have to fight against destiny? I was wondering about this, then one of my friends told me that maybe life is a combination of both: destiny and the strenght of each person. She said that in the movie "Forrest Gump", there was a very similar question to mine about destiny, and the answer was there. I still wonder...

Father, is destiny like a cloud that floats in a predetermined current?
Or is it able to get on the current that it chooses for itself?
I still don't understand.
Either way, we might just end up in the same place.
But if it is the latter, people are able to try hard to move toward their goals in life.
I think I finally found out in this battle
that those who possess that will are the truly strong ones.
And father, I have one goal: I want to become stronger.
So, that I won't lose anymore. That's what I think right now.

Hiuuga Neji

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