Saturday, February 7, 2009

You are one in a million

Everybody wants to have good friends, but do you really know how good friends are? And much more than that... Are you a good one? I took some minutes to think about "friends", then I concluded that for me the three most important characteristics in a good friend are: loyal, understanding, and giving. Why did I choose these three characteristics? It was because the word loyal include an entire form of life, an understanding person will try to be careful with the feelings or emotions of a friend, and a giving person will try to enjoy with others the good things of his own life.

By definition a loyal persons is someone who follows the rules of the honor, honesty, integrity and faithfulness. I like when people is loyal because that means that it is a coherent person between his words and his facts. Honesty means that you don't lie, and that you try to say alwasy the true. I don't want you to be confused between the word honesty and frankness. A frank person can hurt others with the true said by harsh words, but a honest person is candid, natural and simple with a modest way to tell you the truth. A good friend is honest with himself and the others. A good friend doesn't lie or beguile to his friends because he knows that the true is always the best. He knows that lies or even silence hurt the heart of the friends. A good friend won't tell you that you are right when it is evident that the reality is different. Friends understand the value of the faithfulness which means to rule out hypocrisy. Loyalty is a word that should be kept in the heart of all humans. A loyal person is faith with his own values and with the values of their friends. A loyal person is mindful and discreet about the things he knows shouldn't be told to the others.

Besides, an understanding persons is someone who is sympathetic and tolerant. Not all people have the same ideas and opinions, so tolerance is a value that make us understand that the richness is in the variety. A good friend understands that a difference in the opinions will not destroy a friendship. Nobody is perfect, so we need a good amount of tolerance if we want to have good friends. A simpathetic person is someone who cares about the lives of his friends, and someone who will try to help his friends if they are in problems. To be simpathetic imply to have empathy which is the virtue that make us sensitive to the emotions or problems of our friends.

Furthermore, a giving person is someone inclined to share. I am not talking about sharing material things, but I am talking about opinions, emotions, ideas, knowledge, time, own friends, et cetera. A person who is only worried about himself has not understood the value of frienship. A real friend try to involve you in the best amosphere he has been or lived. A stingy person doesn't even have a smile to share, so he won't be a good friend.

For a friend you will be one in a million, and nobody will replace you. Our hearts expands when we are with friends, and we become happier than ever because friendship is one of the best things of this world. Finally I will say that you should always offer at least the last three characteristics in your friendships, and don't worry if the others don't do the same. Think that someday we will die, and that you will wish had done the best in your friendships. Here, I remember a song that says: "You give a little love, and it all comes back to you." You don't know how or when but the love you give it will return to you somehow augmented.

"Time is very slow for those who wait
very fast for those who are scared
very long for those who lament
very short for those who celebrate
but for those who love time is eternal"
William Shakespeare


Dib said...


El mejor amigo es un perro.

Hasta la imagen lo dice.

Israel Cortes said...

For those who loves time is eternal!
I'm sure :D